New TV-series with Lars Lerin & Junior

In the new TV series with Lars Lerin, he will be working together with a group of disabled people from the city of Karlstad. “I’m really no educator but I’m more like being a kind of mentor,” says Lars Lerin to Värmlands Folkblad.

In addition to Lars Lerin, artists colleagues like Gerd Göran will show up in the program. Even Manoel “Junior” Marques will be a large part of the series. “Junior gets a bigger role in this program and will inspire  with dance and show,” says Lars Lerin.

The series will be recorded in August of 2017, at Sandgrund Lars Lerin Art Hall as well as on outings. “The idea is that their fate and adventures will be the base of the series,” says Lars Lerin..

The new series will be broadcasted in six episodes on SVT from January 2018.

Lars Lerin has previously had a huge success with the two seasons of “Yours Truly”, that also awarded him with 2 Crystal Prizes, for TV-personality of the year and Best Lifestyle Show.