A hometown published in Norway and Denmark

The success novel A hometown by author Kristian Lundberg is now published in Norway and Denmark besides Sweden.

“Sometimes I do not think there is class, I think there is power and powerlessness. My brother is wondering: But is that not class?”

This is a story about class – about hate and abuse, about illness and recovery. About Malmö, a hometown populated by ghosts and forgotten souls. It’s a book about aging together with its city. Finally, you find yourself in a closed circle where each link is important and is part of a larger pattern. Moments are added to moments that form a kaleidoscopic image.

It’s a book about a mother. About the vulnerability. About hope and confidence. A book about the shadows that grows far into the morning light to even create night in the middle of the day, a book about class travel as an ongoing now, a constant hell that can not be avoided.

It is also a story of the one who made use of this – children are swapping, the lamb that the fox could only scratch and carry home. A book about a poverty that feels distant and yet is just around the knot, a book of suicide, guilt, shame – what happens when you are suddenly left alone when everyone is gone – and the city’s collective memory is transformed. A book about who then has the right to tell me how it is and how it was.