Ester Roxberg

A novel about identity

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Swedish Radio, Kulturnytt, about the new novel Baby Blues by author Ester Roxberg.

Ester Roxberg’s story gets close, while there is a light and airiness in the language of the story that is about everyday life and the new-born friend called the Apple Girl, whose life as a mother is absolutely perfect. At least on the surface.

Baby Blues catches the fragility, loneliness and feeling of being the worst in the world. And the waiting for happiness that does not come true. It also catches age crises and the longing for the glow of the love that once was present and the freedom of the youth. Instead of baby joy, Agnes longs for adventures that are no longer possible: going out dancing, moving abroad and wearing mini-shorts until she’s eighty years old.

Baby Blues is also a story about identity. To be deprived of onces old identity and endorse a new one. “Mom”. She does not use my real name. I am “mom” now.

That vulnerability and confusion that may occur with a young parent, Ester Roxberg finds the words for it with astonishing accuracy. In a sensitive, yet sharp way.