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The new cleaning company Exclusively Clean has got a flying start and Danuta is filling her days with time-consuming administration. In order not to lose her cleaning skills, and because she loves to clean, she still works a couple of days a week at her customers’ homes. The hours of the days are not enough and she constantly walks around with a bad conscience for everything she should do, over her sister and the summer house she should take care of.

Family therapist Klara Winberg has helped other people for decades, but when life begins to falter, she has a hard time knowing how to deal with her own problems. Surgeon Claire Bromson’s dream of moving back to Sweden after several years abroad has become true, but now she is suddenly faced with unexpected difficulties at home.

Danuta senses the moods in the two women’s homes and cannot stand to see them feel so bad. Soon she offered them her help, something that turns out to have devastating consequences. A pure conscience is about dealing with the past, a push can be all that is needed.