A Song for Hedda

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Less than two weeks before Christmas, Lina Sundell is offered a severance pay by her manager instead of the promotion she had hoped for. In sheer anger she accepted and immediately booked a tango tour to Buenos Aires. When Lina’s biological father, who she thought was dead, all of a sudden stands right in front of her at Kastrup Airport while mom Hedda breaks her wrist up in the small community of Måneby, Lina decided to go up to the family’s inn and give a hand with the preparations for the Christmas celebrations. But she also want her mother to tell the truth about the resurrected father. What really happened between them?

Hedda is in a difficult situation. She has concerns about the guesthouse’s future and all the stress before Christmas makes her both tired and confused. Who will take over the business when she no longer has the energy?

In A Song for Hedda, Annika Estassy returns to the small community Måneby and once again gives us a story about love, emancipation and reconciliation and the courage to make a new start in life.