The agency

The agency represents you in full;  your work (literature, photography, art…) for both domestic and foreign rights as well as appearances, film rights and more.

If you are an artist or photographer, the agency will handle your exhibitions, work to get you to the galleries and art halls that are high level, both in your home country as well as abroad.

If you are a speaker and make appearances, the agency will represent you worldwide.

If you are a writer, the agency work very close together with you from getting the manuscript as good as it possible can be, making sure your work is placed at publishing houses that really will take good care of your work, that your book is published in formats that are suitable for the content (paper, digital formats), that the marketing and PR-side of the project is successful and most important – that the agreements are legal and make sense in all aspects. The agency, if representing you, do work with your back list too, working to get the books published in the digital formats, if not already done. The agency represents you in all fields ( books, novels, film rights…) at home and abroad.

If you are a writer you need to have a manuscript in the works, the agency will not handle scripts that are already sold to a publisher.

The agency is a high end agency, working with creative people established in their fields that are extremely talented. If you are looking for an agent, please e-mail