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Joel Berger and Micke Örnskog, friends and gunmen, have committed a long range of transport value crimes over the years – and managed to escape. They have been able to live well. Micke is a family father with a wife and son in a villa in Bromma, just outside of Stockholm. Joel lives a more free life, without any particular goal, in addition to becoming financially independent – and keeping the heart running. Joel has a heart failure that causes him to have a pacemaker  – a secret that only the closest ones know.

After a race at Solvalla’s racetrack during the Elit Race, Micke and Joel start to move in different directions. Joel wants to continue their “career” and, through a contact in the financial world, he gets tips on a “deal” that can give at least 40 million. It could be the ultimate fraud. Micke is skeptical of Joel’s high-flying plans, he also has received an insider tip, which can give them the biggest change of mug ever and … total freedom.
Nothing goes as they imagined though.