Ana Porss

The author Ana Porss is driven by the passion to tell stories as well as by her curiosity of the human inner life. If she can combine the soul of someone she wants to analyze with an exciting life story, she is completely captured.

Her novel, Blue Girl, is a strong thought-provoking book about truth, insight and reconciliation. There is so much femininity in this book! … male grief is described in a beautiful, but incredibly sad way. Men were not expected to mourn in the 40s and 50s, but the grief still has to be worked out in some way and Porss writes very strong and credibly about that.

The novel Wounded Souls is a novel about how guilt and shame can be inherited and about finding truth and love. A book worth reading, far from romanticized descriptions of history and with a hefty dose of dirty everyday life.

The work on her large writing project, A woman’s punishment, a novel suite that takes place between the years 1813 and 1960, has entered its final stages and will be published in 2021.

She is also writing on a manuscript, a historical novel, that depicts the artist Marie Kröyer’s marriage to the Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén. It is a family drama, but also a study in a manipulative man’s exploitation of others. When Marie falls in love with Hugo, she has no idea what she is getting herself into and does everything to be with him even though he is lying and deceiving. For Hugo’s sake, she leaves her ex-husband and daughter and has another daughter with Hugo. The daughters make a career in art, just as Marie did, but they do not succeed fully neither one of them. Is it due to mental illness and addiction or is it the men who are preventing them?

Ana lives in Stockholm and is also a teacher in German. She has received several scholarships, such as the  Radio copying scholarship 2015, Författarnas kopieringsfond 2015, Karl Bergsström’s fund 2015, AIR Litteratur Västra Götalands Vistelsestipendium 2017.