And everything should be love sold to Iceland

This novel, And everything should be love, has been published in Sweden and Norway, besides Iceland. It was awarded with the Swedish Radio Big Novel Prize.

Kristian Lundberg no longer works at the Yard, the conversion site in Malmö harbor that he depicted in the novel of the same name. Now he lives in an apartment overlooking his old workplace and searches within himself.

He is not sure if the book he wrote was the one he really wanted to write. He wondered if he will ever find peace with his past. And there is love. How can you describe something so incredibly, so revolutionary? Although it feels impossible he seems to have been given a second chance. Is it possible to return, to make the evil man good, once all is said and done?

The world and everything must be love. His beautiful, humble and poetic prose, here in combination with authenticity, capitalist criticism and a depth in his literature, feels as unique as it is necessary. Kristian Lundberg has, besides his strong poetical tense, an absolute honesty in his appeal, a nudity without the slightest admonition to prescription, which makes him unable to resist.