Ann-Christine Ruuth

Born in 1952, a priest since 1978, Ann-Christine Ruuth is known to the public from the book My father Ann-Christine by daughter Ester Roxberg, following the box office movie  based on the same book, My father Marianne. Since 2014, Ann-Christine has been a professional speaker with the whole country as her field of work and was shortlisted for the Great Speakers´Prize in 2020.

That she is a “transgender person” became obvious to everyone when she”came out” in the autumn of 2010. It caused a great stir; a pastor who was transsexual. For her co-workers, many of whom have had her as their manager for 13 years, it came as a total surprise. It also took them on a journey where they got to try and re-examine much of their values ​​and their views on people in general and transgender people in particular.

Ann-Christine is one of the most popular speakers in the country, she holds lectures and speeches, her biography was released in 2022 and was shortlisted for the QX gala Book of the same year.