Åsa Bonelli

For as long as Åsa Bonelli can remember, she has admired the written word and not least the craft of the art of being able to write. Books have always had a big place in her life and she cannot even remember that there was ever a period along the years when she did not have one or more books running. For Åsa, stories and fairy tales are vital ingredients in everyday life.

Her storytelling is not stuck in one and the same genre, she believes that when a story comes to her, she does not consciously choose where it will land. It is not until she can see the picture, that it becomes clear where the story belongs.

Åsa was born in 1968 and lives in Stockholm. She has mainly worked in service professions before, but it is in the writing and in the stories that she has found a home. She has published 7 novels, both crime and feelgood, and is currently writing on a large project, a fictional suspense trilogy inspired by the real events of the disappearance of financier Carl-Eric Björkegren.