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A year has passed since the most upsetting summer in Malin’s life. Actually, everything is perfect – the career is rolling on, health is at its peak and love is flourishing in the apartment on Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. But the online hatred that she and her 20-year-younger boyfriend Gustav have to endure because their relationship puts a dent in the cup – they both consider moving in together for real, not to give in to the malice.

At the same time, Malin meets a man of the same age as herself, a charming admirer, who will show her what is really important in life. But despite his charisma, Malin can not get rid of the feeling that he is hiding something. What decisions will need to Malin make – and where will those decisions take her?

At the end of the moment, is the sequel to the hit book Stay before you go. A warm and emotional novel about joy, sorrow and friendship.