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Hilarious, funny feelgood at its best!

If you don’t start living, I’ll break up with you

Life must continue to be lived at all ages. It realizes the women’s quartet 60+ that Eva Swedenmark portrays in  this novel. The four friends stop doing what their surroundings expects them to do. Instead, they choose friendship and adventure as they embark on the journey of life in search of their secret dreams.

The friends Garbo, Pamela, Anita and Ingalill lived their lives with a bagage of disappointments and diseases. Until Garbo one day gets enough and challenges her friends. It will be the starting point for all of them to dare to tell what they want out of life. Their sincerity leads to exciting journeys in the Stockholm archipelago, meetings on the French Riviera and gives them an unexpected fortune. Above all, they win the will and desire to deal with unresolved relationships.

The novel pleasantly takes the big question of how women 60+ live today and are expected to live their lives according to others. The generation who once made revolt refuses to end up in the age trap, yet it is so easy to get stuck in the prejudices about how women 60+ should live their lives.

Be careful what you’re wishing for

Don’t let life slip away in boredom, not when you’re young and definitely not when you’re 60! Eva Swedenmark is back with a captivating novel about friendship and the right to realize dreams at any age. A lovely and funny novel with serious undertones!

In the first novel, If you don’t start living, I’ll break up with you, the four friends were challenging each other to take care of life. It led to revolutionary adventures, but how did it end up? Was it what they thought it would be and was it worth the consequences? And what should they do with that bag of money that now is hidden in Anita’s wardrobe?


Beyond all embarrasment

One for all, all for one. In the final and third novel in the Mappie-lit Series,  Garbo, Pamela, Anita and Ingalill travel to Vietnam to reflect on the future. But from far away, their past lives are coming closer.

They meet a police officer who cannot let go of what happened when their boat in Vaxholm burned. And how was it with their money that they came across a little too lightly, should all they had won be taken away from them?

Garbo, Ingalill, Anita and Pamela are back. A quartet of women who show themselves and the world that one should beware of counting out women 60+. They possess power and imagination and after Garbo’s call to them: If you don’t start to live, I’ll break up with you, they have taken power over their own lives and realized the secret dreams they believed would remain unfulfilled.

In the third book, they have traveled a long way and are thinking about perhaps settling for what they have achieved. But when they realize that there are men who underestimate their power and see them as nonsensical aunts, they agree to defend what they have won and negligently and inventively revenge on those who underestimate them.

One for all, all for one, says Garbo, Ingalill, Anita and Pamela. They understand now, that they will always continue to dream and that the goal of the dreams is sometimes the dream itself and the journey to achieve it.

Good reads

Published all over the world!

A revolutionary approach to health, weight and blood sugar.

Like the famous English physician and author Michael Mosley, the man behind the 5:2 diet, among other things, the authors of this book experimented on themselves. Sometimes you must do that because of lack of research … One made it by 14 years ago start eating contrary to the advice for diabetics and the other by eating more and differently than you really should by standard dietary advice.

Today every eleventh adult on Earth is living with diabetes. That’s about 415 million people and it can also be several unrecorded cases. Globally, a person dies every five seconds because of complications of the disease. Healthcare costs amount to more than 600 billion USD per year.

The quantity in the world who suffer from obesity is around 500 million. In the United States, approximately every third adult is obese. On top of that there are approximately as many with overweight. We therefore have serious problems.
For about a decade, it’s become increasingly common by those with diabetes and obesity to eat less carbs and more fat. The method finally got a name, LCHF, Low Carb High Fat. It has helped many to lose fat and to bring down high blood sugar levels. Despite attempts to disprove the health benefits of the method, it has coped. LCHF is good but over the years it has generated ideas on how to improve health and weight further and now we are facing a major step.

Lars-Erik Litsfeldt has written several books about diabetes and weight problems, of which the book Fettskrämd (Fear of fat) was the first in 2005. His books are now published in six languages. He has several TV appearances behind him and is well known in LCHF circles. His books have been sold in well over 150,000 copies.

Patrik Olsson has a background as a type 1 diabetic and has had the disease since he was a child. During his youth, he ate according to the advice given to diabetic patients. He learned to eat low fat products, whole meal bread, lean meat. His eyes became increasingly damaged by blood sugar spikes, with the result that he is now completely and irreversibly blind. He started the Facebook group Smart diabetics which has about 12 000 followers and has advocated low carbohydrate diets and have helped countless diabetics to a better life. In early 2017, he was also featured in the nationwide TV 4’s News Morning as the Sunshine of the Week. His enthusiastic work in the Facebook group had been noticed. Patrik is a real character with a strong story and has been doing very well in his numerous tv performances linked to the book. When he has held talks the audience has been both laughing and crying.

The method is about eating what gives good gut bacteria. It may be sauerkraut or yogurt. Additionally, the food for the bacteria is provided by resistant starch, often in the form of beans. As an example of how different blood sugar can be influenced, this test with bread is an illustrative example. In one case, only the bread is eaten and in the second case it is eaten with half a cup of beans. Once a day, the subject has eaten a tablespoon of unpasteurized sauerkraut. The subject (Patrik’s girlfriend Maria), is insulin resistant, which normally implies that it is easy to put on the weight.
When Maria ate bread without beans the blood sugar level increased by as much as 3-4 units. It is a lot for a nondiabetic and it’s clearly unhealthy. If the same amount of bread instead was joined by beans the blood sugar was raised with less than 1 unit. When the blood sugar increases less, there will be less insulin secretion. Insulin locks the fat to the body and it becomes almost impossible to lose fat. In addition insulin stops fat from being used as energy. The result from insulin secretion is a body with more fat.
But if Maria ate less carbohydrates and eating sauerkraut and beans, then she must surely have lost weight? Yes, she has! About 100 pounds since she started adding beans and probiotics in the form of sauerkraut. These pounds were also helped to disappear by going to the gym where she started doing few heavy repetitions instead of the usual many light repetitions.

Patrik has been working out and is lean and has today a HbA1c (so called long-term sugar level) at 27. This is considered a healthy value. Had he known then what he knows now, he still would have had his vision. He now sees as his mission to spread the word about the gut bacteria’s effects on blood sugar. Likewise, if his former girlfriend Marie Nehagen had known about this, she might have been alive today. She died from complications from a kidney transplant. The kidney failure was related to her diabetes.

What is happening in the body when the blood sugar is held at a low healthy level? Research is ongoing, but no one knows exactly yet, more than that it works. Theories of stomach bacteria’s effects on the body, however, is something that comes more and more. A healthy gut flora is also affecting the brain so it works better and can for example influence problems with depression.

A large part of the book is taken up by recipes, tips and instructions on how to, for example, make your own sauerkraut. It also includes tips and advice on the training that helps to maximize the outcome.

The foreword is written by associate professor, Ralf Sundberg, M.D. The Swedish edition of the book was last year the 15th most sold book on the biggest internet bookstore (Adlibris.com).

The follow up book , the cookbook, was nominated as one out of six cookbooks in Sweden for the Publishing Prize. It is now also nominated as one of 17 books for the “world championships” for cookbooks, Gourmand Awards (Single subject class).

Good reads

Liam Norberg is back!

Joel Berger and Micke Örnskog, friends and gunmen, have committed a long range of transport value crimes over the years – and managed to escape. They have been able to live well. Micke is a family father with a wife and son in a villa in Bromma, just outside of Stockholm. Joel lives a more free life, without any particular goal, in addition to becoming financially independent – and keeping the heart running. Joel has a heart failure that causes him to have a pacemaker  – a secret that only the closest ones know.

After a race at Solvalla’s racetrack during the Elit Race, Micke and Joel start to move in different directions. Joel wants to continue their “career” and, through a contact in the financial world, he gets tips on a “deal” that can give at least 40 million. It could be the ultimate fraud. Micke is skeptical of Joel’s high-flying plans, he also has received an insider tip, which can give them the biggest change of mug ever and … total freedom.
Nothing goes as they imagined though.

Good reads

Non-fiction: The phenomenon of Ingvar Kamprad

 Ingvar Kamprad is the man from the small county of Småland in Sweden who furnished the world. The success made him an icon among entrepreneurs – not just in Sweden.

He was an emotional man, and the center of his life was his family, primarily the children and his wife Margaretha. But as family he also included employees, suppliers and not least; the customers. And often first family had to stand back in favor of the other.

In this book we meet the man Ingvar Kamprad. We follow him through his journey of life and get to know his driving forces. His life was lined with great successes, but there was also crises.
The author has discussed the phenomenon of Ingvar Kamprad with co-workers, friends and politicians, who all openly share their personal stories about Ingvar as a friend and workmate. Ikea’s CEO Jesper Brodin, Chairman of the Board Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Per Eggenes, CEO of Ikea Foundation, friends Göran Grosskopf and Sven-Erik Bucht are some of those who have contributed to this book.

The result has become a living story of an extraordinary man who became a legend already during his lifetime.

Good reads

The biography of HH Princess Olga Romanoff

This is very much a human interest story, told with humour by a down to earth woman struggling to make ends meet in the 21st century. The upkeep of her historical childhood home, Provender House, in the depths of the English countryside, is indeed a constant daily battle for this modern-day princess. Princess Olga Romanoff, is the daughter of the eldest nephew of Tsar Nicholas II, murdered with his family by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

She is the youngest child of the late Prince Andrei Alexandrovich of Russia, who was born in the Winter Palace in St Petersburg in 1897. He fled Russia in 1918 with his pregnant (first) wife and his father, Grand Duke Alexander Michaelovich, while his mother, Grand Duchess Xenia, and his grandmother, Her Imperial Highness Maria Feodorovna, followed a few months later.

The fabled Romanov jewels that they were able to smuggle out had to be sold and the exiled family were accommodated for some time by the British Royal Family at various grace-and-favour homes at Windsor Castle and Hampton Court.

In her memoirs we are taken on a journey from now and back to then, to an Imperial Russia that no longer exists, to the horror of the revolution and the fate of those who had to flee and start a new life elsewhere, all the way to the life of Princess Olga Romanoff today. She has written bitingly funny memoir and the vibrant history of her family is the seed of this book. Her memoirs is richly illustrated with photos and rights are sold to a wide range of countries.

This is the first book of memoirs by a Romanov family descendant in many years.

Good reads

Children’s book: The troll is not at home

The troll is not at homeThe door to the basement is slightly open. Hello! Raphael shouts, as he peeks into the cold darkness. Hello the troll!
But no one answers. Everything is silent, only some small birds are chirping and a skate is laughing, hiding in a thicket.
The troll is probably not at home, maybe he is sleeping. Maybe, maybe not.
Well, well, dad says, trolls, like ghosts, have to sleep all day to be able to stay awake at night.
If the sun is shining on a troll it will burst, so it is said in the fairy tales. No one knows, you can believe what you want. You may think that a troll lives in the forest.

Lars Lerin’s first children’s book, The Troll is not at home, is a story in words and watercolor paintings.

Good reads

Novel: Paris Passion

It is a time of political heat in the late sixties. Lena and David travel to Paris to live in a new way, free and strong in their writing. Together they will conquer the world, like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

Life as a freelance journalist in Paris is filled with meetings and interviews with renowned writers, students and politicians. But life also becomes harder than Lena thought it would be and the relationship with David is influenced by their different views on free love.

In the newly liberated Algeria, the two hope to come closer together. But a passionate meeting with a black panther leader and a brutal assault makes Lena question everything. Which way should she choose to find her way home?

Eva Swedenmark lived in Paris at the end of the sixties and worked as a freelance journalist. Since the mid-nineties she has published about forty books.

Paris Passion is inspired by Eva’s own life. Meetings with people like Jími Hendrix, Gisèle Halimi, Olof Palme, Eldridge Cleaver and trips out into the world. The novel depicts life, politics and passion in Stockholm, Paris and Algeria during the turbulent time in the late sixties.