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Homeless Damir Skatzlic wakes up to a macabre sight. The popular local celebrity Katarina Johansson is dead. Hanged, in a blue nylon rope above the terrace stairs in central Helsingborg. When the police arrive at the scene, Damir meets his childhood friend Linn Wide who will investigate the case. He does not know what was most unexpected, the dead woman or meeting Linn after all these years. The meeting evokes memories of another time, another life: Why had she suddenly disappeared, left him and Helsingborg? And why did she come back now?

For Linn Wide, it will be a tough start to the new job. When she then realizes that the hanged woman’s death is connected to her own dark secret, everything falls apart. But how far is she willing to go to hide the truth?

In this series, we encounter another side, a side that is rarely talked about: the perpetrator’s relatives. Do they have the same right to mourn a tragedy as the victim’s relatives? Black Shadow is the first part of the series about Linn Wide, crime inspector at Helsingborg Police.

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