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An engaging, provocative and thought-provoking book about the art of keeping a relationship intact and healthy!

How often have you not heard these myths?

Our feelings for each other have died
We cannot forgive each other
The grass is always greener outside my relationship
I can never forgive the infidelity
We can no longer communicate with each other
Our problems are insoluble
We have nothing more to give each other

And yes: some couple relationships are very real all the way. This applies, for example, to violence or other forms of abuse. But most people who want to take different paths do so for other reasons. Life together has become boring. The attraction is gone. Everyone else seems to have it so much better. You have nothing to talk about anymore and in the cases you do it is mostly about cleaning and money. It’s boring, sad, predictableā€¦ Simply: time to go separate ways!

But emotions can’t die and many of these myths are bullshit! And in this book you will find out why and how, using the latest research, you can save the relationship you entered into because you believed in the two of you together.