Carola Hansson awarded prestigious Prize

The author Carola Hansson is awarded the Society Nio’s Big prize of 300,000 SEK.

“For her original art of storytelling and at the same time being a guardian of the European tradition anchored in narrative art, with her psychological wisdom and literary master craft, she puts the eternal questions about the human condition forward,” says the motivation.

Carola Hansson made her debute 1983 with The Dreamt Child and got her breakthrough with Andrey (1994). She has written, among other books,  The Master’s Dream,  and With a Name Like Mine,  and is published in over nine countries.

The Society The Nio is a literary Academy founded in 1913 with the purpose of promoting Swedish fiction. Among former winners are Sara Stridsberg, Kjell Westö and Aris Fioretos.