Upcoming novel by Annika Estassy

It’s summer in Måneby, Agnes favorite season. But this year nothing is alike. A disease has hit Agnes so she can not manage to care for her beloved garden anymore. In addition, in a short moment she now regrets, she promised her neighbor to take care of his parrot while he is traveling around the […]

Short stories by Annika Estassy


We embrace the new digital formats on the market! The opportunities for the authors are endless and creative, inviting them to work in other forms, such as short stories. Five short stories just published by author Annika Estassy, they are available in streaming audio as well as in the e-book format.

New book by Annika Estassy

At last a new novel by author Annika Estassy, All those secrets! Actually, it was tulip bulbs Louise Sorenstam, born Granström, had intended to spend the day getting into the earth this beautiful October day, not her husband Konrad. With neat letters she had already in early September written “tulip Wednesday” in her calendar and […]