Andrey published in China

Andrey, by author Carola Hansson, is now published in China. The book is previously published in Sweden, Russia, Lithuania and in Finland Lev Tolstoy (1828-1910) was not only a great author – he was also something of an empire. He lived in a time of immense social contradictions, wrote and commented on everything – from […]

Moscow Women published in Germany

The book Moscow Women, by Carola Hansson and Karin Lidén is now published in Germany. This interesting book is previously published in Sweden, USA, UK, Japan and Switzerland. In spring 1978, Karin Lidén and Carola traveled to Moscow to interview a number of Soviet women about the conditions of the Soviet Union. They met the […]

The two Gardens published in Germany

The two Gardens by author Carola Hansson is published in Germany. The novel is previously published in Sweden and Switzerland. The two Gardens is Carola Hanssons’s fourth novel. During the work of the three earlier, she had slowly begun to to understand how strongly her perception of reality is characterized by the contrast between light […]

Steinhof published in Ukraine

The book Steinhof by author Carola Hansson is published in Ukraine. The novel is previously released in the UK and in Holland. If Carola Hansson, in her previous novels, portrayed experiences of language and foreignism, Steinhof has gone one step further. Here it is no longer just about “inner exile” but about what it is […]

Swedish Arts Council praises Masja

In her third book about the Tolstoy family Carola Hansson writes about the daughter, Maria lvovna. Apart from the many, many great reviews in media, the Swedish Arts Council praises this novel to the sky. “At the age of two her father, the famous writer Lev Tolstoy, foretold that she would suffer greatly throughout her […]

Carola Hansson awarded prestigious Prize

The author Carola Hansson is awarded the Society Nio’s Big prize of 300,000 SEK. “For her original art of storytelling and at the same time being a guardian of the European tradition anchored in narrative art, with her psychological wisdom and literary master craft, she puts the eternal questions about the human condition forward,” says […]

Masja nominated for the August Prize

Carola’s latest novel The Story of Masja is today nominated for the August prize. The jury’s statement reads: “With a close and striking portrait of daughter Masja, Carola Hansson has completed the powerful triptych of the complicated Tolstoy family. Masja’s closeness to her father and his unholy vision leads to a lifelong commitment but also […]