Open for submission: One day you’ll wake up

One day you’ll wake up by award winning author Conny Palmkvist consists of 9 short stories.

In these short stories you meet people who all face life changing events. The surroundings seem to slip around them as they grow up and try to grasp the nuisance of their fate.

Conny Palmkvist chores the portrait of them and their stories with his typically sparse style. It is a journey through a rugged landscape of love, guilt, forgiveness and exclusion. In the collection is the nationally noted short story Lowland.

“Umeå Novell Prize goes to the writer Conny Palmkvist, who, with an exemplary consequence, local touches and personal language senses a group of young boys handy meeting with the adult world.”

Welcome Conny Palmkvist

Welcome to the agency, author Conny Palmkvist!

“What is common for all his stories, and the reason for reading Winter, is Conny Palmkvist’s amazing language. He writes a language that is absolutely wonderful, and is crystal clear, enlightened and without a word too much. It’s poetic lust, a kind of minimalist prose. And it is very rigidly done. There is hardly anyone else in Sweden who can write like this.