Second season of TV-series The Trainees of Lars Lerin in the making

Today our secret is out! A second season of the successful TV-series The trainees of Lars Lerin is in the making. As you are reading this the whole group is in Brazil!

Next year, viewers get acquainted once again with Timmy, Jessica, Birgitta, Dennis and the other art students together with Lars Lerin and Manoel Marques Lerin. After the first season was broadcasted last year, Lerin and his students have kept in touch and they have seen each other once a week and painted together.

“It great friendship has developed between us and it was natural for us to continue with a second season”, says Lars Lerin.

He thinks the apprentices have developed a lot since the first season was broadcasted.

– They dare more, both in the creative process and as people. They have gained more confidence and they dare to challenge themselves to do things that they previously did not think they could handle, he says.

In the new season, they travel to Brazil, among other things, to widen their artistic impressions, they are guided by Manoel “Junior” Marques in his homeland.

“It has been very fun. Junior can speak the language and take us on different assignments. We meet artists, look at different things and experience life in this part of the world. We were at Copacabana yesterday and painted, he says.

The second season will air on SVT this spring.

Sandgrund Lars Lerin Museum – A must see!

Lars Lerin_watercolor_artist
Sandgrund Lars Lerin

Sandgrund Lars Lerin is located in Karlstad, Sweden, and is the museum of the art of Lars Lerin, awarded with the Tourism Prize 2016.

The permanent exhibition shows different themes from Lars Lerin’s 30 years as an artist. Sandgrund contains watercolor paintings, oil paintings, graphic art, collages and photographs from many places in the world, for example Värmland County, where Lars Lerin was born and currently lives, Lofoten which was Lars’ home for several years during the 90’s and a lot of work and reports from Lars’ travels to the Arctic and Antarctica, Russia, Iceland, Scotland, The Faroe Islands, India, Egypt and Iran. Sandgrund is privileged to be able to show Lars Lerin’s dark and pale colors in his work, and how they reflect the artist’s own emotional and artistic life from the early 70’s to present.

Sandgrund Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin was born and raised in Munkfors, Värmland. He studied at the school of Gerlesborg 1974-75 and at the Department of Fine Arts, Valand 1980-84. Lars Lerin is considered to be the leading artist in watercolor technique today. He has had solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in art museums and galleries in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Germany, Norway and the United States. Lars Lerin’s work is exhibited in County Councils, Municipalities and museums in Sweden and Norway. Five of his paintings have been honored to be stamps in Sweden.

Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin is also a prolific author and has since his debute Utpost (1983), written and released more than fifty books. His book Naturlära was honored with the August Prize 2014, and in 2016 Lars Lerin was honored the Royal medal Litteris et Artibus for his great achievements as an artist and author by HM the king. He and the TV-series Yours truly, was honored with not one, but two, Crystal-awards 2016, and the TV-show was seen by over 1.000.000 viewers.

A selection of art by Lars Lerin

New book by Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin

A new book by author and artist Lars Lerin, Bare Skin.

Writing letters may seem to be an extinct art. Lars Lerin and Kerstin Högstrand prove that this is not the case. In this book they collect letters and pictures that the two friends sent to each other in 2006-2009.

The texts are personal, private and yet open, an ongoing conversation about all the things that makes what we call life. There are high and low, big and small emotions: concerns for diseases and for the future, changes of the year, long and short trips, the loved cats and the loneliness when friends go away. Not least, here is Lars’s story about the love for Junior, the man he learns to know during this time.

Lars Lerin and Benny Andersson in new audio book

Lars Lerin

The audio book And the bird flew boldly in search of its cage, by Lars Lerin with music by Benny Andersson is just released!

So finally they meet, Lars Lerin and Carl Larsson, two of Sweden’s most beloved artists of two different centuries, meeting each other for the first time, here and now. They meet through their letters and cards from their constant travel, in the love of their homeland. The letters and the cards are the link to the home and the familiar, to everyday life. The ground they anyhow walk on, that is always present in their travel. And finally the insight; every road leads back home.

“Home! It is such a strange word! These four letters form a concept that can get a young cynic to smile and old sailors to blow their noses unusually persistent. What home is, one must go out in the world to learn. “

Lars Lerin in a huge format

Swedish Radio about the exhibition by artist Lars Lerin, this summer at Liljewalchs Art Hall in Stockholm.

Liljevalchs Art Hall in Stockholm shows a large exhibition this summer showing one hundred works by Lars Lerin. Lerin, who has become 64 years old, is today one of the country’s most famous artists, he has published fifty-six books and is a popular television personality.

It’s a true summer exhibition, you can already see the queues ringing over the small island of Djurgården in Stockholm for its interior. And Liljevalch’s is also a very good venue for Lerin’s work. He often works in very large format – especially for watercolor paintings – and it really makes sense in Liljevalch’s large halls. If you enter one of the biggest rooms, for example, you’ll see a giant piece of work: three paintings of long bookshelves, hundreds of booksheets and pamphlets and folders, a patinting that is 24 meters in size. It’s like a private library, forgotten archives at a local office, all at the same time. It’s great to be surrounded by  … life, like somewhere between poems and declaration papers.

Will people recognize their Lerin? Both yes and no, I think. Here are some of his traditional motifs like ships and birds, birches and power lines, dark and light, gray homes in the evening…
But there are also a series of great paintings from the war in Syria and the devastation there. They have a subdued sandy color scale, lots of small, secluded,  houses at a long distance, and completely grim, untouched urban environments.

Syria images are a meeting between Lerin’s earlier impressions from the Middle East and what he then watched television from the war.  It is as though we are still in “Lerinia” – rather than in Syria.

Lars Lerin and Karl Ove Knausgaard


Lars Lerin has created the covers and illustrations in the book Winter by author Karl Ove Knausgaard, the book is sold world wide.

The second volume in his autobiographical quartet based on the seasons, Winter is an achingly beautiful collection of daily meditations and letters addressed directly to Knaugsaard’s unborn daughter.

2 December – It is strange that you exist, but that you don’t know anything about what the world looks like. It’s strange that there is a first time to see the sky, a first time to see the sun, a first time to feel the air against one’s skin. It’s strange that there is a first time to see a face, a tree, a lamp, pajamas, a shoe. In my life it almost never happens anymore. But soon it will. In just a few months, I will see you for the first time.

In Winter, we rejoin the great Karl Ove Knausgaard as he waits for the birth of his daughter. In preparation for her arrival, he takes stock of the world, seeing it as if for the first time. In his inimitably sensitive style, he writes about the moon, water, messiness, owls, birthdays–to name just a handful of his subjects. These oh-so-familiar objects and ideas he fills with new meaning, taking nothing for granted or as given. New life is on the horizon, but the earth is also in hibernation, waiting for the warmer weather to return, and so a contradictory melancholy inflects his gaze.

Startling, compassionate, and exquisitely beautiful, Knausgaard’s writing is like nothing else. Somehow, he shows the world as it really is, at once mundane and sublime.