New Nordic Crime by Liam Norberg

Liam Norberg studied screenwriting, production, acting and drama in the 90’s. He played the lead role in the Swedish cult classic movie The Searchers (1993) by Daniel Fridell and Peter Cartriers. He starred in Blood Brothers (2006) by Daniel Fridell. His new movie Syndicate will be released (2018/2019).

The last years he has written several books, including Inside (2009) which won the Pocket Price Gold and Time of the Searchers (2013). Today he is engaged in various film projects and a number of screenplays, both as a developer and author. More recently also as a director in the multi award winning short movie Mia and the upcoming Cmore and TV4 series Crashing a Ferrari (2018/2019). His new Nordic Crime novel, Almost there (Nästan framme) will be released in October 2018.

The new crime novel

Joel Berger and Micke Örnskog, friends and gunmen, have committed a long range of transport value crimes over the years – and managed to escape.

Liam Norberg

They have been able to live well. Micke is a family father with a wife and son in a villa in Bromma, just outside of Stockholm. Joel lives a more free life, without any particular goal, in addition to becoming financially independent – and keeping the heart running. Joel has a heart failure that causes him to have a pacemaker  – a secret that only the closest ones know.

After a race at Solvalla’s racetrack during the Elit Race, Micke and Joel start to move in different directions. Joel wants to continue their “career” and, through a contact in the financial world, he gets tips on a “deal” that can give at least 40 million. It could be the ultimate fraud. Micke is skeptical of Joel’s high-flying plans, he also has received an insider tip, which can give them the biggest change of mug ever and … total freedom.
Nothing goes as they imagined though.