Second season of TV-series The Trainees of Lars Lerin in the making

Today our secret is out! A second season of the successful TV-series The trainees of Lars Lerin is in the making. As you are reading this the whole group is in Brazil!

Next year, viewers get acquainted once again with Timmy, Jessica, Birgitta, Dennis and the other art students together with Lars Lerin and Manoel Marques Lerin. After the first season was broadcasted last year, Lerin and his students have kept in touch and they have seen each other once a week and painted together.

“It great friendship has developed between us and it was natural for us to continue with a second season”, says Lars Lerin.

He thinks the apprentices have developed a lot since the first season was broadcasted.

– They dare more, both in the creative process and as people. They have gained more confidence and they dare to challenge themselves to do things that they previously did not think they could handle, he says.

In the new season, they travel to Brazil, among other things, to widen their artistic impressions, they are guided by Manoel “Junior” Marques in his homeland.

“It has been very fun. Junior can speak the language and take us on different assignments. We meet artists, look at different things and experience life in this part of the world. We were at Copacabana yesterday and painted, he says.

The second season will air on SVT this spring.