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Pacific Ocean, position unknown. A seaplane that can no longer take off. No rescue in sight, just an empty horizon line and the sound of the waves crashing against the hull.

In 1943, America and Japan are fighting World War II at sea, and an American crew has made an emergency landing without a radio. Japanese pilots are also crashing nearby. Now the mortal enemies are sitting close together with two female blind passengers on the all-too-small vessel drifting for wind and weather. Here the great war begins to be fought in the small. Hatred and mistrust boil in everyone, but the common distress demands that they make peace and try to come ashore alive. Alliances are made and broken again. Meanwhile, isolation peels off everyone’s facades and exposes secrets, forbidden love and a common humanity. Eventually, no one feels safe anymore about who they really were before they became shipwrecked.

Confessions is a psychological drama about what lies beneath the surface when everything is taken from us.