Dangerous and seductive love

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Eva Rusz is a licensed psychologist and certified cognitive psychotherapist and has published several books. She has been a coach and therapist for the military, police, elite athletes and other authorities, both in Sweden as well as abroad.

To the public, Eva is known as a leading relationship expert and for her participation in numerous TV- and radio shows, as well as a host on Radio 1, and from newspapers, such as Aftonbladet Wendela and Kurera.

Her new book, Relationship psychopaths – about dangerous and seductive love, is just released this April and the hot topic has already created discussions in media.

There is a remarkable number of people that are not classified as psychopaths because they do not end up in prison, even though they really behave criminally towards their partners. Eva Rusz calls these people for relationship -psychopaths.

Relationship-psychopaths may seem to be well-adjusted in society; they have the villa, Volvo, dogs, family. They work well in their professions, but acts like the devil himself at home behind closed doors. There they can freely defame, manipulate, control and abuse their partners, who are desperate trying to get the environment to understand how bad it is at home.

The book contains facts and information and several real life cases, from people like you and me to Ted Bundy.