Daughter of Narcissus: A family’s struggle to survive their mother’s narcissistic personality disorder

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Daughter of Narcissus is a stunning analysis by Lady Colin Campbell of her own dysfunctional family positioned at the heart of upper class international society from the mid 20th century to the present day. Departing from her former studies of contemporary high society, Lady Colin turns her insight and energy on to her own past to reveal the emotional truth concealed behind the family faç  ade of class and privilege. Covering the end of the British Colonial Age and the rise of a new liberated generation whilst also addressing the narcissistic personality disorder of her manipulative mother, the author interconnects the sociological, political and personal as she dissects the intense and often violent family dynamics that lay below the appearance of wealth and power.

Rigorous in its understanding and portrayal of how a narcissistic personality operates and functions, Georgie Campbell compels the reader to pay attention to what is really going on in the silences that lie beneath ostensibly rational and harmless behaviour. Her formidable study of this much neglected area is evident not only in a whole chapter dealing with the scientific/medial research on the subject, but throughout the book. With disarming clarity, wisdom and also wit, she shows us what is really motivating the behaviour of the narcissistic female as she plots and schemes, destructively and tragically setting father against children, sibling against sibling and grand-parent against grand-child.

Set against a backdrop of glamour, wealth and fame, often exposing the shocking behaviour of the disordered personality, Daughter of Narcissus is disarmingly honest and revelatory. This compulsive book is not only a fascinating history of one socially prominent family, but also a uniquely detailed analysis of narcissism, its manifestations and effects and how to survive them in order to lead a purposeful and affirming life.

‘A tremendous accomplishment and a great self help book. A gripping well conceived and informed account of emotional terrorism which will illuminate a widespread but often misunderstood disorder.’ Dr Anna Brocklebank MD