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Do not drown within your feelings

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drunkna inteThis book, Do not drown within your feelings,  got praised by media like never before, went up on the charts directly and all forms of media; newspapers, magazines, tv & radio, praised the book.

This is a book about HSP (High sensitive people), a survival guide in average life. What if you feel to much? If your skin isn’t as hard as you wish? Is it all imagination? No, it’s not, you’re just one of millions of people who have the extra sense, you feel and you feel a lot.

Finally, their research and the experience put the name of what many people recognize themselves in. Doris Dahlin and Maggan Hägglund has written a book that explains, confirms and shows how to take advantage of your sensitivity.

This is the book that we wish we had time, when it was at its worst. It did not exist. Therefore, we have written it. It is about managing your life when you are neither just strong and neither just fragile. But both. Strong and fragile. It is a book for you that sometimes wish you were more thick-skinned, more insensitive.

It is a book for those who are told “Do not feel so much, just let go!” and “You’re imagining things!” It is a book about how to utilize his brilliant emotional intelligence and not drown in it. A survival guide, a swimming school for everyone at risk of drowning in the ocean of emotions.