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Doris Dahlin

Doris Dahlin

Doris Dahlin wrote her first novel, Ockupationsleken (The Sit-in Game), as an angry teenager in 1971. The novel got a great amount of attention from the media and it was published in Sweden as well as in the UK, USA and Germany.

She continued to write, it is a part of her life that she cannot exist without, and finally in 2005 her next novel was published, Skammens boning (House of Shame) about her own childhood, a novel that touched the readers and that got an enormous amount of attention in media. Two more novels have followed, Vi vet nog vem du är (We know who you are) and Till mamma på mors dag (For mother on mothers day).

Her latest novel, Himlen bar inga moln (There were no clouds in the sky) was released 2015, a top pick by the Swedish Arts Council as one of the best novels of spring 2015.

In Doris Dahlin’s novels the past is always painfully present to her characters. Such is also the case in her new book, where Maria, an author, visits the place where she grew up in order to help the teenage daughter of her childhood friend, who has locked herself away in her room. There are clear parallels between the young teenager’s destructive experiences and Maria’s own adolescence, and the novel paints a fine picture of Sweden during the sixties and seventies. With the help of flashbacks to Maria’s difficult youth her present issues are brought into focus. We are allowed to follow in close proximity the protagonists’ struggle for independence, at the same time as the revelation that coexistence isn’t always to be taken for granted.

Latest book

omslag_dorisHimlen bar inga moln (There were no clouds in the sky)
Published: March 2015