Eva Rydinger (born 1967) grew up in the city Ängelholm, but lives Stockholm for many years where she works as a freelance copywriter and author. The summer cottage in Vejbystrand is, however, her second home and it is also to the South county of Skåne, with its seaweed scent and rosehip, that she returns to in her novels and in her writing.

Eva Rydinger debuted with the novel Fotografen in 2013. Her second novel Härifrån till Verkligheten was released in 2016. The novel examines themes such as maternity and parent relationships and is a warm and thought-provoking novel about guilt and love between mother and daughter, about grief, relationships and life choices. Where does motherhood begin and where does it end? Should children have an opinion on their parents’ choices in life? Where does the border go when the concern about the parent turns into a violation?

Eva Rydinger has been praised for her language and her goal as an author is to touch, maintain, awaken thoughts and possibly also give new insights. The novel Härifrån till Verkligheten, was hugely praised ad received a warm reception by both readers and reviewers.