Mikael Persbrandt

Exhibition by Mikael Persbrandt in Finland

Mikael Persbrandt is invited to exhibit at Hanaholmen in Helsinki, Finland 2018, and the exhibition will continue to Åland Art Museum in 2019.

The actor Mikael Persbrandt is also an artist. In 2016, he was the summer’s guest exhibitor at Sandgrund Lars Lerin in Karlstad. His work as an artist,  previously only for his own sake and his focus as a young man, was visited by a large audience, got a massive media attendance and was praised by critics. He continues his painting and there will be several exhibitions the coming years.

With a mother that painted, art has always been nearby in his life, but when he missed the finish line to get in Royal Academy of Art at the age of 19, his path in life became another.

Now the circle is closed again, and Mikael Persbrandt has found his way as an appreciated actor and an artist.