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Who do you trust?

In Helsingborg, the first signs of spring have shyly begun to appear when Jesper Balderius is stabbed to death at his home. Police Inspector Linn Wide and her colleagues are investigating the murder and realize that Jesper is not who he pretended to be. The more Linn digs into Jesper’s past, the more enemies he gets. But who is the worst, and who is prepared to murder?

Hanna Holm has recently moved to Helsingborg and her and Linn’s paths cross through their children at preschool. They quickly become close friends and the truth about why Hanna moved to Helsingborg is discovered. But is Linn really the right person to help her?

Damir Skatzlic struggles with life and wants everything to be as usual. His conscience is weighed down by what he has done to Linn and he tries to take his first steps towards an orderly life but is constantly reminded of what has been.

False Name is the third stand-alone book in the Helsingborg Noir series about Detective Inspector Linn Wide.

Film rights are sold.