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The hot summer enters August. While Marianne drives home across the fields of Skåne County, her daughter’s plane returns to Stockholm. The holiday is over and Marianne can breathe a sigh of relief. Now she’s finally enjoying her own time and the everyday life she has learned to love.

Karin lands in Stockholm and is tormented before the autumn. The author’s dreams crash into the publishers´office where she is working and the secret about her husband’s death is occuping her heart. But a thought has begun to take shape around the mother’s seventy-fifth birthday. Taking over her house in Skåne Country might be the chance for the fresh start she so desperately needs.

Then Marianne opens the door for a plumber. She ends up at the crossroads of emotions and thoughts. Does she really want to live in her daughter’s childhood home or does she want to live in her own adult home? Why had she never chosen or taking stands in life, but just let things happen? When the birthday comes, both mother and daughter bring surprises to the party.