God is not an unfamilar name released in Denmark

God is not an unfamiliar name by author Kristian Lundberg is just released in Denmark!

Kristian Lundberg is considered being the most important author in Sweden, his first book was published in 1991, Genom september (Through September) and since then he as written over 20 books.

His novel Och allt ska vara kärlek (And everything should be love) was awarded with the Swedish Radio Novel Prize, and before that he was the recipient of several awards such as the Ivar Lo Prize and the Aniara Award. The poetry book Job was nominated for the August Prize in 2005. In May 2013 he received the Swedish Academy Signe Ekblad-Eldh award. He was awarded the Ahlin-Prize of 2014 and the ABF Literary & Art prize of 2014 for his novel En hemstad (A home town). His novel Yarden (The Yard) was released as a movie spring 2016, and has been broadcasted as a drama at Swedish Radio and on stage at theaters. As a book it is published in 11 countries.

God is not a familiar name is a small, but big book.

“Every morning I go down my knees with empty open hands. I breathe and just try to exist. It is in some way part of the mission. Yes, I would like to formulate it like that. We have a mission.”

There is a story waiting to be told. A story of guilt and reconciliation. At the center is a meeting in an anonymous service room. For 200 days, author Kristian Lundberg lets the story’s parts be joined together, text by text, fragment after fragment.

He writes of prayer as an act of resistance, about the fundamental radical in acknowledging the possibility of another world and about a belief that is not allowed to turn away from the suffering that is taking place around us. And about the explosive power of holding on to the fragile of the fragile; The mystery of faith.