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The snow is covering the city of Helsingborg in the South part of Sweden when a Polish girl is found dead in the tunnel at Hälsobacken. No one understands what the young woman does in Sweden when she actually works as an au pair in Dubai. In the shadow of social media, a game is discovered where the men of power and young women are the participants. Everyone knows the rules. But not everyone follows them. At the same time, Anders Halvarsson reports his sister missing, a year after he last spoke to her.

Damir Skatzlic is at a rehab facility in the county of Värmland when he receives a phone call that causes him to interrupt the treatment. Once in Helsingborg, he stumbles upon a secret he could never dream of.

Linn Wide is back at work after a few months on sick leave and is investigating the case of the dead girl in the tunnel and the disappearance of Marie Halvarsson.

This is part two in the series about Linn Wide, police inspector in Helsingborg.

Film rights are sold.