Impressive novel by Anna Jörgensdotter

Anna Jörgensdotter’s new novel Solidärer receives lots of praise by DD’s reviewer Tony Samuelsson.

” Almost the best: The ambition. Just taking on a big, political and fictional hard-written project like Solidärer, to dare to venture out over the borders of the petty bourgeois and provincial, I am happily pleased with that.”

“There are several finely crafted characters in this novel. Jörgensdotter is close to all of them, she finds their dedication and voices, their underlying values and the way their values has formed them. Hellgren not least. The portrait of him is a gem.”

“It is the narrative drive and the sliding between first and third people who lead and decide, not any pre-cut intrigue or smelted war supplies. It causes many sections to shine and build up the readers curiosity for the next sentence and the ways the story will take.”