In memory of Charlie K

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When the elite soldier Nic Jones, 34, son of Vietnam deserter Bobby and the Swedish left-wing activist Lena has had his military career sabotaged by a colleague, he turns into a restless soul who embarks on a journey around the United States.

One night, he witnesses an assault and saves the life of private detective Charlie Keeper. A deep friendship grows between the two of them and a year or so later Keeper asks the Swede to come to New York and work for him.

Four years later, Keeper was blown up in an explosion after a political scandal broke out. Nic understands that his life is also in danger and flees to Sweden after securing a legacy of several millions that Charlie left to him. Back in Stockholm, Nic feels lost. He rents a magazine at the harbor, and as the man he is, he soon makes contact with his old girlfriends and meets new ones.

As a private detective, Nic gets one strange assignment after another. One night there is a knock on the metal door to the magazine. Outside stands a small, dirty, terrified boy from Russia. A short while later, Nic has received evidence that someone is smuggling drugs into the stomachs of children and when he finds a dead boy between the containers in the harbor, he decides to find the league and give justice to the children. With the help of his friends and his ex-girlfriend, he delves into Stockholm’s underworld to find out who is behind the crimes. It soon turns out that he is fighting against ruthless forces and that he is risking his own life. An insane hunt begins in Stockholm and ends at a children’s brothel in the Belgian countryside.

Manuscript is available in Swedish and English.