Julia and Jack

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Honored with the Feelgood prize 2019 in Sweden.

It all starts with that weekend in New York. Finally, Julia is about to spend time with her great love, which she otherwise only meets during stolen moments in her apartment. But when they bump into Julia’s boyfriend Jack, nothing goes as planned. Out of the blue, Julia gives the impression that she and Rickard are living a completely different life than they actually do. The life she hopes that they will have one day. This has more consequences than she can imagine.

At the same time, Julia’s sister receives a letter with a content that she does not intend to reveal to anyone, absolutely not to Julia. But when Julia makes a strange discovery, it becomes increasingly difficult for her sister to keep quiet about the family secret that risks destroying everything.

Julia, in her turn, now realizes that she can no longer duck for the big questions. Does she really want the future that she has imagined? Are there any feelings left between her and Jack? And who was it that really broke whose heart at that time?

Julia and Jack is a love story, where life turns upside down and collides with dreams. About how well-kept secrets and lies can create misunderstandings and deep wounds that seem impossible to overcome.