Lars Lerin and Benny Andersson in new audio book

Lars Lerin

The audio book And the bird flew boldly in search of its cage, by Lars Lerin with music by Benny Andersson is just released!

So finally they meet, Lars Lerin and Carl Larsson, two of Sweden’s most beloved artists of two different centuries, meeting each other for the first time, here and now. They meet through their letters and cards from their constant travel, in the love of their homeland. The letters and the cards are the link to the home and the familiar, to everyday life. The ground they anyhow walk on, that is always present in their travel. And finally the insight; every road leads back home.

“Home! It is such a strange word! These four letters form a concept that can get a young cynic to smile and old sailors to blow their noses unusually persistent. What home is, one must go out in the world to learn. “