Lars Lerin in a huge format

Swedish Radio about the exhibition by artist Lars Lerin, this summer at Liljewalchs Art Hall in Stockholm.

Liljevalchs Art Hall in Stockholm shows a large exhibition this summer showing one hundred works by Lars Lerin. Lerin, who has become 64 years old, is today one of the country’s most famous artists, he has published fifty-six books and is a popular television personality.

It’s a true summer exhibition, you can already see the queues ringing over the small island of Djurgården in Stockholm for its interior. And Liljevalch’s is also a very good venue for Lerin’s work. He often works in very large format – especially for watercolor paintings – and it really makes sense in Liljevalch’s large halls. If you enter one of the biggest rooms, for example, you’ll see a giant piece of work: three paintings of long bookshelves, hundreds of booksheets and pamphlets and folders, a patinting that is 24 meters in size. It’s like a private library, forgotten archives at a local office, all at the same time. It’s great to be surrounded by  … life, like somewhere between poems and declaration papers.

Will people recognize their Lerin? Both yes and no, I think. Here are some of his traditional motifs like ships and birds, birches and power lines, dark and light, gray homes in the evening…
But there are also a series of great paintings from the war in Syria and the devastation there. They have a subdued sandy color scale, lots of small, secluded,  houses at a long distance, and completely grim, untouched urban environments.

Syria images are a meeting between Lerin’s earlier impressions from the Middle East and what he then watched television from the war.  It is as though we are still in “Lerinia” – rather than in Syria.