Lundberg has created the sharpest crime novel

The newspaper Ystads Allehanda about Those who shall die by author Kristian Lundberg.

The Malmö-suite, which after ten years now ends with the fifth part, Those who shall die. Lundberg rarely or never portrays some people, he describes Malmö as a city, how the city has was and is. A single person has a detailed description: the declined, aging criminal commissioner Nils Forsberg, Head of the Extra Ordinary Investigations Group. Yet, immediately when Lundberg mentions a street or event, people appear on the street in Malmö, in front of the reader’s eyes.
He paints and writes with an equally wide and large brush in his new novel: jumps here and there, blends events from past novels, the small and the great, realism and the abstract. There will be a Guernica frieze over Malmö.
Those who shall die is not a crime novel, it is beyond. Kristian Lundberg has completed the sharpest crime and community depiction written about Malmö today.