Doris & Maggan

Doris Dahlin & Maggan Hägglund
Doris Dahlin & Maggan Hägglund

Their book, Drunkna inte i dina känslor (Do not drown within your feelings) got praised by media like never before, went up on the charts directly and all forms of media; newspapers, magazines, TV & radio, praised the book. It was the most sold non-fiction in 2012 and today over 100.000 copies are sold.

This is a book about HSP (High sensitive people), a survival guide in  life. What if you feel to much? If your skin isn’t as hard as you wish? Is it all imagination? No, it’s not, you’re just one of millions of people who have the extra sense, you feel and you feel a lot.

The book is sold to several countries and has become a classic in the subject of HSP.






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Drunkna inte i dina känslor ( Do not drown within your feelings)
Published: 2012

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