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If you don’t start living, I’ll break up with you

Life must continue to be lived at all ages. It realizes the women’s quartet 60+ that Eva Swedenmark portrays in  this novel. The four friends stop doing what their surroundings expects them to do. Instead, they choose friendship and adventure as they embark on the journey of life in search of their secret dreams.

The friends Garbo, Pamela, Anita and Ingalill lived their lives with a bagage of disappointments and diseases. Until Garbo one day gets enough and challenges her friends. It will be the starting point for all of them to dare to tell what they want out of life. Their sincerity leads to exciting journeys in the Stockholm archipelago, meetings on the French Riviera and gives them an unexpected fortune. Above all, they win the will and desire to deal with unresolved relationships.

The novel pleasantly takes the big question of how women 60+ live today and are expected to live their lives according to others. The generation who once made revolt refuses to end up in the age trap, yet it is so easy to get stuck in the prejudices about how women 60+ should live their lives.


Be careful what you’re wishing for

Don’t let life slip away in boredom, not when you’re young and definitely not when you’re 60! Eva Swedenmark is back with a captivating novel about friendship and the right to realize dreams at any age. A lovely and funny novel with serious undertones!

In the first novel, If you don’t start living, I’ll break up with you, the four friends were challenging each other to take care of life. It led to revolutionary adventures, but how did it end up? Was it what they thought it would be and was it worth the consequences? And what should they do with that bag of money that now is hidden in Anita’s wardrobe?





Beyond all embarrasment

One for all, all for one. In the final and third novel in the Mappie-lit Series,  Garbo, Pamela, Anita and Ingalill travel to Vietnam to reflect on the future. But from far away, their past lives are coming closer.

They meet a police officer who cannot let go of what happened when their boat in Vaxholm burned. And how was it with their money that they came across a little too lightly, should all they had won be taken away from them?

Garbo, Ingalill, Anita and Pamela are back. A quartet of women who show themselves and the world that one should beware of counting out women 60+. They possess power and imagination and after Garbo’s call to them: If you don’t start to live, I’ll break up with you, they have taken power over their own lives and realized the secret dreams they believed would remain unfulfilled.

In the third book, they have traveled a long way and are thinking about perhaps settling for what they have achieved. But when they realize that there are men who underestimate their power and see them as nonsensical aunts, they agree to defend what they have won and negligently and inventively revenge on those who underestimate them.

One for all, all for one, says Garbo, Ingalill, Anita and Pamela. They understand now, that they will always continue to dream and that the goal of the dreams is sometimes the dream itself and the journey to achieve it.