Ester Chiedza Roxberg & Moa Eriksson Sandberg

Ester Chiedza Roxberg decided to become a writer already at the age of seven,  and her literary carrier took off for real when she was awarded The Small August Prize for her poem Watch out little man, soon it will slam (Se upp lilla människa för snart smäller det) in 2004.

She was born in Zimbabwe, after growing up in a small town in south of Sweden, she is now living in Malmö.

Moa Eriksson Sandberg was born in 1981. After working as a freelance journalist for several years, she made her debut with the autobiographical youth novel Sweet boys are not for real (Söta pojkar är bara på låtsas) in 2011. Since then, she has published several critically acclaimed books for both younger and older readers.

She lives with her family in Lund. In addition to her own writing, she teaches writing children’s literature at Linnaeus University.

Together Ester and Moa have written the critically acclaimed book of short stories, Corridors followed by Fires with release fall 2022.