Moscow Women published in Germany

The book Moscow Women, by Carola Hansson and Karin Lidén is now published in Germany. This interesting book is previously published in Sweden, USA, UK, Japan and Switzerland.

In spring 1978, Karin Lidén and Carola traveled to Moscow to interview a number of Soviet women about the conditions of the Soviet Union. They met the women through private contacts, not officially. They talked to them in Russian and recorded interviews, later smuggled out of the country.

Thirteen of these conversations are reported in this book book. What especially interested them was how the women saw themselves and their conditions. Were they aware and discussed their situation? What did they see as problems and what solutions did they think of? Was there any wish to break the invasive gender role pattern? And how did they find themselves in their dual roles?

They were surprised at how frank and free the women they met told about their lives, about living in the Soviet Union, about work, marriage, politics and sex. There was no bright picture they met, “it’s awful when the woman speaks, then it’s the reality that speaks, then the real pain comes forward “, as one of the interviewed formulated cases.