My aunt’s friends

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Friendship across generational boundaries – an exciting new collaboration between the acclaimed author Ester Roxberg and illustrator Nathalie Ruejas Jonson.

“In our garden, Dad has built a tree house.
– There you and your friends can play robbers, says dad.
He’s built a box car too, which I can race with.
But the best thing I know is to go home to my aunt’s friends. “

Elis lives on a small street, Kyrkogatan 5, and he has the whole street full of friends! They are all aunts, but other than that they are very different. Berit, Simin, Gun, Sivan – and Eli’s favorite: Elsa. There is really nothing special about Elsa, but still she is the very best aunt friend. With Elsa, Elis can sit in the hammock and just exist. But one day Elsa is not there when Elis knocks on her door.

A strong story about friendship and grief, with both humor and warmth, Ester Roxberg and Nathalie Ruejas Jonson depict the strong friendship between Elis and his aunt’s friends, and the beginning of something that might become a new friendship?