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My father, Ann-Christine – The Memory of a Secret

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minpappaMy father Ann-Christinethe Memory of a Secret (Min pappa Ann-Christine) is a story based on her own reality, and how much we really know about our parents. In the year of 2010, 58-year-old priest and father of three, Åke Roxberg comes out as Ann-Christine who today lives as a woman. This is the daughter Esther‘s story about what happens when you suddenly have a father named Ann-Christine.

What do we know about our parents? They’re never anything but parents. They do what parents do, listen but never speak. Help you up but they themselves stay down. One day you’ll start to wonder who they are. Those people who’ve always just been there. You realize that you don’t know what they’re thinking about in their beds at night. You don’t know what they dream about. Your memories don’t provide any answers, they can’t reveal their true selves. You’ve never wondered. There was never any reason to wonder, until now.

No one was prepared for the reality, that the priest Ake Roxberg would change his life, least of all the family.
Ester Roxberg writes about losing a parent, who still remains in a different guise. She tries to understand and accept, concealing her anger, put puzzles with her recollections. She remembers her childhood as the youngest and wildest daughter  of the priest and her childhood in Zimbabwe and Småland during a time when the secret was still hidden. Memories that now must be reviewed on its way to the new, no one knows how it will be. At the same time she is forced to a completely new family situation, where everything is as it used to be, yet nothing is the same.

The book was nominated as Book of the year at the QX Gaygala 2015, and the film based on the novel is currently in production.