New book by Anna Jörgensdotter

Barcelona, 1936. Conxa digs up a rifle and leaves his child. In the Swedish city of Gävle, the harbor worker Ingemar views an advertisement: “Help Spain’s fighting people!” At New Year he leaves his home town to participate in the fight against fascism. Left behind is Klara, with her own struggle and her unborn daughter.

Solidärer is an epic novel about the consequences of war, the forms of love and the dream of another world.

“Remember, you even said that no matter what, I should always be myself? But in a war there’s no me. It’s when you think you’re important that the panic appears.” We avoid looking each other in the eyes. “When the adrenaline goes out of the body, we are hopefully asleep. If we do not fall asleep we get mad. We wake up, drink wine and get ready. We sing The Internationale, but the words are cracking. “

Her sense of language is absolute, her words possess a kind of magical quality resembling Kerstin Ekman. Her previous novel, The dream of Ester, was praised in all media as the best novel she has ever written, and now – after the release of Solidärer, she has become better than herself.