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Summer at Sandgrund Lars Lerin

After many years Lars Lerin succeeded in tricking out his friend and art colleague K G Ohlsson from the Torsby forests. His exhibition is now shown throughout the summer at the Lerin Museum in Karlstad.

The last time K G Ohlsson exhibited every 2008, then at Värmlands museum. Prior to that he had not shown any works for about 15 years, says Lars.

– It feels great to be here now. We have talked about it for a very long time, but it has never become reality. But this time Lars decided a specific time, this summer,  and here I am, says K G Ohlsson.  Read more in VF in Swedish.

Queen Christina charms and manipulates

Full page review of The Female King by author Kristina Sjögren in the newspaper today.

”One of the more funny sources in the book is the letter of the French ambassador, Chanut, about his long, cumbersome trip to Stockholm: ”I am convinced that many people are less difficult to come to paradise than we had to come here,” he writes. His impression of Stockholm is a frozen hamlet without culture and miserable food.

Kristina Sjögren’s own pictures of the city have a far more loving tone.

She does not close her eyes for the poverty, dirt and stench, but she is deeply fascinated by what she perceives as the vibrant, dynamic diversity of the city and she poetically portray the beauty of the changing seasons.”







The female king praised in review

The Magazine Opulens has published the review of The female king.

”The Female King is a well-written historical novel with an authentic dialogue and a lot of local color, depicting both scents and tastes in the 17th century. The young Queen Christina appears to be breaking the norm, yet she is sensitive and fragmented in her role as a woman and ruler of a state in war.”

”The author Kristina Sjögren portrays the queen with an enthusiasm that engages and I hope that a second part of Christina’s life in Rome soon will be on its way. Perhaps also a TV series similar to that of England’s Queen Victoria, currently featured on TV4?”





Lars Lerin in ETC Magazine

Exhibition by Lars Lerin in Norway

Lars Lerin will have an exhibition in Bergen, Norway, at the Grieg Hall June 24 – July 2 2017. Read more here.






Persbrandt goes to Finland

Mikael Persbrandt is invited to have a solo exhibition at Hanaholmen in Helsinki, Finland 2018. We are truly looking forward to visit this wonderful art hall!








Baby Blues

A short summer, and then fall is here. Watch out for the release of Baby Blues by talented author Ester Roxberg.

A mother wanders alone around with the stroller in 30-degree Stockholm in the middle of July. All friends are away on vacation and there is nowhere to go with a small baby, in addition to the open preschool and parent group she attends. The daily life surrounds her like a wet blanket, and she lives in her own emotional microcosm. Who has she been? And above all: Who will she become?

I walk like a nobody behind the stroller and press it forward with all my might. I go over old chewing gums stuck and shaped into round, dark tracks on the road. I still have not gotten used to this. I still wonder who is walking here with this stroller. I look at the people around me, wondering what it is they see when they look back at me. I would like to ask them. What did you see before, when it was just me? Does it show that I’m a mother now? I am no longer Agnes, twenty-nine years, the receptionist. How have I changed? What does this new me really want?

In Baby Blues the author circles around issues of parenting and of belonging. How does one go about to remain an independent person when the outside world so intensely want to insert another, when one’s life is defined by what they do rather than who they are? Baby Blues is an amusing but disturbing novel right here and now – a blues over all things transience that has an unusual sound of solfège and sharpness.

More for less with international designer Hilary Farr

Hilary Farr

Welcome to the agency, designer & TV-host Hilary Farr.








Lars Lerin & Manoel Marques in new TV-series

The new TV-show will broadcast in 6 episodes of 1 hour, starting in January 2018 at SVT. This time Lars Lerin & Manoel Marques Lerin will have their base at Sandgrund Art Hall.







Britt Ekland

Welcome to the agency, actress & author Britt Ekland.








The female king

Finally it is released, the new novel by author Kristina Sjögren, The female king.

The year is 1632 and Sweden had its first female king in modern times. In this novel, we follow Christina’s journey to power – and her struggle for freedom.

At the age of twenty eight, Christina abdicates and flees Sweden under great secrecy. The myths about her has been growing for centuries. But how does she see herself? What did she dream about and why did she refuse to marry?

In the 1600s, Sweden was waging endless wars on the continent. The streets of Stockholm had never ending raging fires and  the people was suffering from diseases, beggar staggers out among pigs, feces and corpses. At this time a girl is growing up in the castle Tre Kronor. Still just a small girl, but also the king. Christina refuses to be a puppet. She bides her time: she educates herself, learns how to hunt, how to ride. And when she reaches legal age, she is challenging Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna on power. But it soon becomes apparent that Christina is fighting a more important struggle within herself: the struggle for freedom.

The female King is a fascinating novel about being a woman in a male-dominated world. It recreates the vibrant power Sweden had at this time in Europe, the woman who lived it, and the power game at the royal court.


Lars Lerin at Lundströms Bokradio

Lars Lerin in conversation with Marie Lundström, listen to the show here.



Persbrandt invited to Åland Art Museum

Mikael Persbrandt is invited to give a solo exhibition at Åland Art Museum in 2019. Please stay tuned for more information!








Nyhetsmorgon with Lars Lerin

And the bird flew boldly in search of its cage

”Home! It is such a strange word! These four letters form a concept that can get a young cynic to smile and old sailors to blow their noses unusually persistent. What home is, one must go out in the world to learn. ”

So finally they meet, Lars Lerin and Carl Larsson, two of Sweden’s most beloved artists of two different centuries, meeting each other for the first time, here and now. They meet through their letters and cards from their constant travel, in the love of their homeland. The letters and the cards are the link to the home and the familiar, to everyday life. The ground they anyhow walk on,  that is always present in their travel. And finally the insight; every road leads back home.

The book is richly illustrated with watercolor cards and greetings, as well as the artists’ private letters from far and wide.



The master of watercolors

Lars Lerin to Liljewalchs Art Hall

In the summer of 2018, Lars Lerin will present an exhibition at Liljevalch’s art hall in Stockholm. The focus will be on the darkness of his artistry, and many great paintings will be displayed in the exhibition.







Maximilian Svensson – a 12 years old master of watercolors

12 years old and about to become a master of watercolors! Maximilian Svensson is invited to show is art at Sandgrund Lars Lerin.






New release of Det tysta köket

The first audiobook by Lars Lerin, Det tysta köket, The silent kitchen, of 2013, is released once again! Music is composed by Benny Andersson.









Published in China

The book Andrey, by author Carola Hansson is published in China. This novel is a powerful story about one of Leo Tolstoy’s sons and foreign rights are also sold to Lithuania, Russia and Finland. Andrey was nominated for the August Prize.









Dangerous and seductive love

The new book by Eva Rusz is here!

There is a remarkable number of people that are not classified as psychopaths because they do not end up in prison, even though they really behave criminally towards their partners. Eva Rusz calls these people for relationship -psychopaths.

Relationship-psychopaths may seem to be well-adjusted in society; they have the villa, Volvo, dogs, family. They work well in their professions, but acts like the devil himself at home behind closed doors. There they can freely defame, manipulate, control and abuse their partners, who are desperate trying to get the environment to understand how bad it is at home.

The book contains facts and information and several real life cases.



Published in Slovenia

Yarden (The Yard) by author Kristian Lundberg is now published in Slovenia. This book is published in ten countries, has been a succesfull play at Malmö City Theater as well as on Swedish Radio.










Published in Ukraine

The novel Steinhof by author Carola Hansson is published in Ukraine. The book is also sold to the UK and Holland.












Knausgard and Lerin in new book

Lars Lerin is working together with author Karl Ove Knausgard in his book Vinter. He has illustrated the cover as well as six illustrations inside the book. It is published worldwide.









The memory of a secret

9789146224990Words without borders in the UK publish a part of the praised book, The memory of a secret -My dad, Ann-Christine, by Ester Roxberg. Read here.



















Published in Russia

Yarden (The Yard) by author Kristian Lundberg is also published in Russia. The novel is published in 10 countries and has also been rewritten as a drama at Malmö Cit Theater as well as an awarded movie.











Sold to Denmark

Gud är inte ett främmande namn (God is not an unfamiliar name) by author Kristian Lundberg will be published in Denmark.











The Yard honored with 3 Guldbagge Awards

Book by Roxberg to the movies

The film rights for the praised book My dad, Ann-Christine, by talented author Ester Roxberg, are sold.

My dad, Ann-Christine (Min pappa Ann-Christine) is a story based on her own reality, and how much we really know about our parents. In the year of 2010, 58-year-old priest and father of three, Åke Roxberg comes out as Ann-Christine who today lives as a woman. This is the daughter Esther‘s story about what happens when you suddenly have a father named Ann-Christine.

What do we know about our parents? They’re never anything but parents. They do what parents do, listen but never speak. Help you up but they themselves stay down. One day you’ll start to wonder who they are. Those people who’ve always just been there. You realize that you don’t know what they’re thinking about in their beds at night. You don’t know what they dream about. Your memories don’t provide any answers, they can’t reveal their true selves. You’ve never wondered. There was never any reason to wonder, until now.

No one was prepared for the reality, that the priest and father of three Ake Roxberg would change his life, least of all the family.
Esther Roxberg writes about losing a parent, who still remains in a different guise. She tries to understand and accept, concealing his anger, put puzzles with their recollections. She remembers her childhood as the youngest and wildest daughter  of the priest and her childhood in Zimbabwe and Småland during a time when the secret was still hidden. Memories that now must be reviewed on its way to the new, no one knows how it will be. At the same time she is forces to a completely new family situation, where everything is as it used to be, yet nothing is the same.

Yours truly

The second season of Vänligen Lars Lerin will be broadcasted during January and February by SVT. The series is also broadcasted in Norway. The first season had appr. 1,300,000 viewers and was honored with 2 Crystal Awards, one for Best lifestyle show and the second one for TV-personality of the year.





Published in Denmark

Yarden by author Kristian Lundberg is now published in Denmark as well.










Published in Denmark

The novel Och allt ska vara kärlek, And everything should be love, by author Kristian Lundberg is now published in Denmark. The book is previously published in Norway and was honored the Swedish Radio Big Novel Prize.








Carola Hansson is awarded the Society Nio’s big prize

Author Carola Hansson is awarded the Society Nio’s big prize of 300,000 SEK. ”For the original form in her language anchored in the European tradition of storytelling, for her psychological wisdom and literary craft, she puts the eternal questions about human conditions forward”





Published in Esperanto

Yarden by author Kristian Lundberg is now also published in Esperanto!