Nino Ramsby
Nino Ramsby

Nino Ramsby is a songwriter, performer, writer and poet, artist and photographer.

Since the early 90s Nino Ramsby (previously called Nina) has worked as a photographer. He started as a photographer’s assistant at the Museum of Modern Art in 1993 and has since worked with image, image editing, graphic design and illustration.

There is something about the attitude to life and creativity that make his photography and art so headstrong and special. It’s about choosing to be accessible to the details that are around.  Where some poets are looking for specific words and word orders, Nino is looking for poetry in the ordinary words. Where the singers are looking for voice qualities by practicing various techniques, Nino is searching in his own voice and and finds a way to capture it. And where other photographers base their work on searching the environments and situations, Nino creates his art of what life presents to him.

Nino has chosen to be in the present and open up to the art and forms, possible to see if one simply takes the time to see it. It is a very courageous approach and demanding to say the least, he has to be open and available all the time, but it also gives a lot back – to Nino himself and to his art.

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