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This is a warm story about seeking happiness in the wrong place and that the obvious can sometimes be difficult to see.

Danuta is the most appreciated employee at the company Rent a House. She loves her job and her clients, and she loves to clean. There’s nothing she does not know about cleaning.

But she is increasingly surprised at how bad her customers are feeling, even though they are doing so well. The Seger family, for example, have stopped talking to each other. Caroline Seger is close to collapse. And Ossian Schröder, the successful fashion mogul, searches for the meaning of life in places where it is difficult to find.

With small gestures, Danuta approaches her customers, she tries to make them see the good things in life and to appreciate what they have. But the messages are misunderstood, the intrigues thicken, and Danuta ends up innocent in the firing line.

Pure Hell is a warm story about unexpected encounters and about finding happiness where you least expect it.