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A man is found murdered in Klara cemetery in Stockholm and the case ends up on prosecutor Tom Wester’s desk. It soon dawns on him who the man is: his childhood friend Michael Strand, whose big heart and bad conscience led him all the way to the heroin injections at Sergel Square downtown.

At the same time, Simon Nobelius, the multi-billionaire who lives a jet-set life, wakes up in Djursholm with his usual hangover. Everything is as usual until an e-mail lands in his inbox, with a link to an article about a murdered man at a cemetery in central Stockholm.

Three men and three widely separated lives connected by a thirty-year-old secret. And now the past has caught up with them. The whole chain of events started with a wooden box containing a rose, with the text Memento Mori engraved on the lid …

This is a thriller that spans over three decades, where the past meets the present and where malice and cruelty have no age.